Kamloops, BC
Kamloops, BC


Talent Profile Basic Information
First Name: Trystan
Status in Canada: Canadian Citizen
Work Experience
Employer Name: Canada Rig Matts
Location: Kamloops, BC
Start & End Dates: August 15th-December 15th
Job Description:

As a welder I had multiple jobs to complete simultaneously, one of which was filling empty Rig Mats with wooden blocks while having a little room to measure and hammer in a final block to ensure no gaps or movement where present before applying a R1 weld using the Sheilded Metal Arc Welding Processs to cover hole used to place wood 

Skills: Fabrication, Welder
Job Preferences
Employment Type: Seeking Full Time Employment
Salary Expectations per Year: $20.00
Availability: 05/29/2024
Willing to Travel?: Yes
Willing to Relocate?: Yes

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