Maintenance Mechanic I for Metro Vancouver Regional District

Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC


Talent Profile Basic Information
First Name: Dylan
Status in Canada: Canadian Citizen
Work Experience
Employer Name: Metro Vancouver Regional District
Location: West Vancouver, BC
Start & End Dates: June 2023-Present
Job Description:

Assist Industrial Mechanics and other tradespeople at Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Facility. My Day-to-day duties include forklift inspection, completing assigned and outstanding preventative maintenance work orders across various equipment within the treatment process, and communicating my required lock-outs with Operations. 

This role is very independent and I am expected to take initiative and manage my time to complete projects.

Some of the most recent projects I have been a major part of are:

- Assist in the inspection and maintenance of Waukesha natural gas compression engines by using a borescope and physical diagnosis resulting in the following completed work:

- Installation of a new crankshaft and top-end rebuild, Including rocker assembly

- Engine disassembly and engine block removal; swapped over cam shaft, cam gear, oil lines and other ancillary components

- Oil changes and timing adjustments are part of my frequent preventative maintenance duties with a journeyperson. 

- Full retrofitting and installation of new 4” and 6” diameter piping systems in an exterior process building. Assisted contracted welder with removing, rigging and reinstalling of new vertical and horizontal pipe systems and valves running from the exterior into the building and existing structure.  

- Completed a rebuild of Vogelsang rotary lobe pump with minimal assistance; from cleaning/prepping of chassis to full replacement of bearings, mechanical seals, shaft installation, sealing of the wet end and reinstallation of lobes. 

- Completed a lobe replacement on rotary lobe pump in place in the field

- Hoffman Centrifugal Blower bearing replacement and realignment to Motor with Pruftechnik Optalign

- Monthly Vibration and Oil/Viscosity Analysis on critical equipment within the treatment process. Use of SKF intrinsically safe devices for data capture into the SKF Pulse application for trend monitoring. Oil samples captured and sent to Fluid Life for testing.

Postion Title (2): Manager/Driver
Employer Name (2): Ezmoov Solutions Ltd.
Location (2): Vancouver, BC
Start & End Dates (2): April 2018-Present
Job Description (2):

Started working full-time as a helper/swamper in 2018 and earned the opportunity to lead my own team. Teams consisted of 2-6 people depending on the size of the move and the number of required trucks. Although I have had changes of employment over the last 5 years, I continue to work here part-time.

- Assisted large-scale businesses in furniture and e-commerce, moving whole warehouses of inventory. I would be the direct contact on-site between the client and the moving company resulting in acquiring conflict mitigation and project management capabilities.  

- Moved clients across many demographics from large multi-million dollar estates and mansions to elderly people in retirement communities. This resulted in great communication skills and the ability to adapt quickly to the environment around me. 

- Trained new employees in best practices of moving and customer service.

Position Title (3): Warehouse Materials Driver/Relief Warehouse Worker
Employer Name (3): Fresh Prep Foods Inc.
Location (3): Vancouver, BC
Start & End Dates (3): February 2022-August 2022
Job Description (3):

Hybrid role consisting of driving a 27ft 5-ton box truck between warehouses and working as a shipper/receiver. Use of Sit Down Counterbalance forklift and power pallet jacks to move product. Driver was an independent role with required contact with all stakeholders across every department via Slack mobile application.

- In charge of materials movement within all departments and facilities. 

- Learned Fishbowl inventory management systems for receiving goods from suppliers and shipping of materials between facilities.  

- Optimized product utilization through inventory organization and use of FIFO practices.

Licenses: Class 5 Drivers License, Classes 1,3,4,5 and 7 Forklift Licenses,
Certifications: OFA 1 with transportation endorsement, Rigger Level 1, Overhead Crane Operator, WHMIS 2015, Confined Space Advanced - Rescue
Skills: Maintenance mechanic, millwright, apprentice, troubleshooting, layout, machine maintenance, lockout and tag out, preventative maintenance, oil analysis, vibration analysis, industrial mechanic, rotating equipment
Job Preferences
Employment Type: Seeking Full Time Employment
Salary Expectations per Year: $60,000.00
Availability: 07/01/2024
Willing to Travel?: Yes
Willing to Relocate?: Yes

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