Civil Engineer, PMP

Burnaby, BC
Burnaby, BC


Talent Profile Basic Information
First Name: Fabricio
Status in Canada: Student Visa
Work Experience
Employer Name: Cedar Creek Properties Services
Location: Vancouver
Start & End Dates: September 2023 - Present
Job Description:

Scope: Liable to reshape residential properties by manicuring lawns, trimming shrubs, planting flowers, and ensuring the aesthetic appeal and health of the landscape.

  • Enforced safety protocols by conducting regular equipment inspections and adhering to OSHA guidelines, resulting in zero workplace accidents or injuries over eight months.

  • Contributed to overhauling over ten residential properties by manicuring lawns, trimming shrubs, and planting flowers, resulting in positive feedback from homeowners.

Postion Title (2): FARM MANAGER
Employer Name (2): Owner
Location (2): Ecuador
Start & End Dates (2): February 2020 – July 2023
Job Description (2):

Scope:  Managed all aspects of farm operations, including strategic planning, machinery maintenance, and implementing sustainable practices to optimize productivity and reduce costs.

  • Optimized machinery utilization through proactive maintenance schedules and staff training initiatives, reducing downtime by 15% and lowering operational costs by $2,000 annually.

  • Implemented integrated pest management strategies by utilizing organic pest control methods, minimizing environmental impact and preserving soil health.

Employer Name (3): Metropolitan Public Company of Potable Water and Sanitation
Location (3): Ecuador
Start & End Dates (3): April 2011 - January 2020
Job Description (3):

Scope: Oversees and manages projects related to the rehabilitation and maintenance of sewer networks.

  • Administrated the annual operational budget of $6 million by conducting analyses and reallocating resources, resulting in 94% of the financial plan compliance.

  • Tracked operational performance by introducing key performance indicators and regular performance reviews for team members, improving department accountability.

  • Encouraged Team Communication by leading regular team meetings with support areas, ensuring all team members were aligned on project goals and reducing misunderstandings.

Certifications: SiteReadyBC & WHMIS 2015 2024 Project Management Professional (PMP®) 2022 Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP) 2014
Skills: Budget Management, Data analysis, Organizational Skills, Cost management, Adaptability and flexibility, Collaborative working style, PROBLEM-SOLVING, Organizational Management, Leadership
Job Preferences
Employment Type: Seeking Full Time Employment
Availability: 07/01/2024
Willing to Travel?: Yes
Willing to Relocate?: Yes

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