Aspiring business student

Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC


Talent Profile Basic Information
First Name: Sourav
Status in Canada: Canadian Citizen
Skills: ● Collaborate effectively with colleagues, assisting with tasks like stocking, cleaning, and opening/closing the store. ● Successfully completed team management and business courses, such as Organizational Behavior, Accounting, and Marketing ● Fluent in English, Bengali as well as understanding Hindi ● Expert with Microsoft Operating Systems (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) ● Proficiency in handling cash transactions, operating cash registers, and maintaining accurate cash balances. ● Capable at efficiently dealing with customers while keeping a Positive brand image
Job Preferences
Employment Type: Seeking Part Time Employment
Salary Expectations per Year: $17.00
Availability: 05/15/2024
Willing to Travel?: No
Willing to Relocate?: No

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