Grade Foreman

BA Blacktop, Surrey, BC
$45.50 - $47.12 / Hourly

Job Description

Job description

BA Blacktop Ltd. is currently seeking a team-oriented, self-motivated and dedicated individual to join our Operations Team as a Grade Foreman.


The Grade Foreman is the first in command under the supervision of the Superintendent and oversees the execution of work on the job site.

Preferred Qualifications


Site Safety

  • Maintain a high level of safety and liability awareness at all times
  • Perform and lead daily work plans with crews
  • Perform detailed Monthly work site Safety Inspections
  • Make sure all crew members wear and maintain their PPEs at all times and according to specific tasks
  • Ensure that safety procedures in accordance with the company’s OH&S manual and WorkSafeBC Regulations are being followed
  • Identify and inform crew members of potential hazards daily or as required by the changing worksite
  • Ensure that all work is carried out in a safe manner while considering risks and potential liabilities
  • Report in a detailed manner all incidents/accidents/Near Misses and be an active Participation in the investigation process

Job Site Operation

  • Ensure work order and all necessary information is provided prior to commencing work
  • Review work orders and fully understand the scope of work and timelines
  • Review project requirements (quantities, cost codes, production rate, drawings …) with Superintendent
  • Perform or verify project survey/layout as necessary
  • Monitor material quantities and production rates on a continuous basis
  • Capable of constructing curb & gutter, sidewalk, CB / MH installation/adjustment, grading operations, cut/fill slopes, excavations, retaining walls, etc.
  • Reinforce the disciplinary program
  • Oversight and review minimize costs and optimize efficiency

Cordinate/Schedule Onsite Work

  • Inform all workers on site of the schedule
  • Lead/organize/give specific instructions to the crew on a daily basis, as tasks may vary day to day on a job site. Organize what is needed for the work site, such as trucks, equipment, materials, and sub-contractors (flaggers, surveyors, utility subcontractors,…) quality requirements are met
  • Supervise all aspects of the daily and weekly operations
  • Monitor work progress and ensure scheduled deadlines are met

Quality of Work

  • Ensure quality requirements are met
  • Address/Correct all deficiencies as early as possible. Communicate all deficiencies with Superintendent.
  • Report deficiencies through the NCR process

Training and Development

  • Monitor, train and develop crew members
  • Ensure new/young workers are trained prior to complete the New Worker Program

Equipment Management

  • Provide all necessary material/equipment to operators to perform daily equipment maintenance
  • Ensure equipment operators perform daily maintenance, fueling, greasing, fluid level checks, and overall condition checks of equipment on a daily basis
  • Ensure operators complete detailed DFERS on a daily basis/Ensure vehicle drivers complete detailed Pre-trips on a daily basis
  • Communicate equipment issues and breakdowns with the equipment department

Reporting and Record Keeping

  • Complete Daily Quantity Reports and Extra Work Orders on a daily basis
  • Prepare and submit accurate Papyrus timesheets on a daily basis
  • Keep daily notes of work site activities, conversations, issues, and specific instructions in a diary


Essential Qualifications

  • Heavy a strong and growing knowledge of utilities/construction activities and processes
  • Have a strong and growing knowledge of specifications (MoTI, MMCD, local government specifications)
  • Ability to read and interpret site plans/blueprints and look up specifications from MoTI / MMCD
  • Ability to organize all field aspects needed on-site to begin and complete a job
  • Possess general computer skills
  • Ability to measure and calculate length, surface, volumes, and quantities
  • Ability to perform field project layout from drawings and cut sheets
  • Ability to use a laser level, calculate elevations, and layout elevations
  • Have a working knowledge of all the equipment on site
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills
  • Strong communication skills with clients and the public
  • A desire to learn and teach; a passion to excel and to strive to get the most out of employees
  • Occupational First aid Level 1
  • Traffic Control Person Training
  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  • Grader Operation (for Foreman/Grader Operator)
  • Papyrus Training and Intelex Training

Desirable Qualifications

  • Site Plan Reading Course (BCIT)
  • Survey Course (Union/BCIT)
  • Public Works Course (BCIT)
  • Construction Management Courses
  • Occupational First aid Level 2
  • Confined Space Entry and Rescue (May be mandatory on some projects)
  • Fall Protection (May be mandatory on some projects)
  • Hoisting & Rigging
  • Heavy Duty Trailer Endorsement Training


A grade foreman’s role is to be able to lead/organize/perform all the construction activities on small to medium road/parking projects from start to finish.

Location: Fraser Valley Area

Competitive salary and benefits package offered. Salary will be based on experience.

Details Apply Now

Date Posted: 06/21/2024
Start Date: 7/15/2024
Classification: Union
Level: Experienced
Job Type: Full-time
Wage: Hourly
Wage From: $45.50
Wage To: $47.12
Number of Employees: 1

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