Landscape Construction Labourer

Blackbird Collective, Victoria, BC
$22.00 - $30.00 / Hourly

Job Description

This position offers opportunity to work in a dynamic outdoor environment with a team of dedicated professionals. We provide on the job training and opportunities for career growth with in the company. If you are passionate about landscaping and enjoy working with your hands, we encourage you to apply for this possition.

Ground level crew member, important and vital to our teams. Labourers are the pysical support to landscape technitions, lead hands and foremen. Typically given duties and tasks that require strength, agillity, stamina/grit, basic skills and certifacations. Labourers must have the capaity to show up to work on timeat any work site in the region and stay for the entire workday or dismissed.

Ideal labour possition candidates understand how construction sites function with a clear understanding of health and safety rules, work site herarchy, security, company rules and activities. Much of this can be covered in orientationsand onsite training. Labourers who excell can work with minimal oversite and follow directions closely while still being safety coscious. In time labourers will graduate to technician status. Labourers can become valuable experts & masters in a particular task.


  • Provide labour support for crews
  • Assess safety hazards and issues onsite
  • Preform setup and cleanup tasks at jobsite
  • Operate basic hand, power tools and small machinery
  • support tradesman and technicians in more complicated and detailed tasks
  • Work around machinery, understanding the role of spotter & how to assist and direct machines safely
  • Help direct traffic when necessary to ensure safety of pedestirans, motorists and work crew
  • Dig pits and trenches in preparation for jobsite construction
  • Move materials & lift heavy loads(up to 70lbs) while navigating construction jobsite terrain
  • Climb to heights and conduct work with proper safety restraints
  • Planting, pruning and mowing of gardens
  • Building hardscape works = laying/moving pavers, retaining walls, agregates and compation
  • Irrigation & drainage works, cutting and measuring pipe, connecting pipe and parts
  • Back-fill trenches and pits grade and level aggregates and soil areas

Blackbird Collective

Preferred Qualifications

High school diploma

1+ years construction industry experiance (preferred)

Basic understanding of construction industry principles and procedures

Comfort working in high-stress environment with extreme weather fluctuations

Driver's licence

First Aid - Level 1

Fall Protection - Level 1


Skid steer and mini excavator experience, 1 year - Certifacations Preferred

Details Apply Now

Date Posted: 05/09/2024
Start Date: Ongoing
Classification: Exempt
Level: Entry Level
Travel Requirements: Within the Greater Victoria Region
Job Type: Full-time
Wage: Hourly
Wage From: $22.00
Wage To: $30.00
Preferred Education: High School Diploma, Construction & Irrigation Certifications
Number of Employees: 2

Blackbird Collective
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